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Look in the mirror!

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

I’m often asked, “How can executive leaders truly create a diverse workplace to propel their organization and work culture?” It’s simple, yet challenging at the same time.

Look in the mirror and acknowledge the beauty and imperfections in your organization –people, policies, beliefs, support system, culture and experience, etc. Then use that information to elevate your strengths, and redesign grows in order to create a more transparent and embracive culture. This starts with hiring practices that remove implicit bias, are objective, and are grounded by talent, values, and mindset. This includes investing in your people (professional development, career pathways, health/financial benefits, cultural and social gatherings, etc.), and understanding that your people (‘of color’) are not a number to check off for “representation”. Your people represent the unquestionable belief that diversity adds value and perspective for your organizational growth. If you have a seat at the table, it is your responsibility as an executive leader to name and model this. And if you’re not in the space to do so, still name it; then create your own table.

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