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Establish your ‘why’ and accountability behind diversity and inclusion.

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Holding each other accountable to specific expectations is the foundation to growth and progress. Take fitness coaches, for example. They create literally painful, at least for me, workout schedules and nutrition plans to keep us on target in meeting personal weight goals. Financial advisors develop and monitor budgets to meet personal goals (i.e. retirement, savings, purchase your forever home, etc.), while reminding us of good and weak choices. I personally follow hair stylists to try techniques, products, and styles that promote healthy hair follicles and growth. The common factor is that each of those examples requires an intentional and consistent practice to expand our perspective and approach in reaching a desired outcome. More importantly, there is a WHY behind the action. The WHY defines diversity and inclusion; to have a purpose behind your daily actions with a laser focus on equity and inclusivity that enables the achievement of an organization's ambitions. Our accountability partners and measurable policies keep us committed and focused on core values, collective impact, and long-term success.

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